AW x ACF Printed Denim Trousers
AW x ACF Printed Denim Trousers

AW x ACF Printed Denim Trousers

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 Someone once said that “Your vibes attracts your tribe”, this union is more than

collaborative project, Art Comes First being fans of art and craftsmanship via fashion
and Hassan Hajjaj the mastermind behind the brand concept of Andy Wahloo, came
together to mix both of their worlds to create a range of exciting apparel, art &
Exhibiting a selection of T-shirts, denim set and hoodies for the first drop, the
capsule hosts and illustrates most of their unique signature styles, from the very
colourful mind of Hassan, using cultural references and details such as Fatima’s
hand which is intertwined with ACF iconic scissor hand logo for example to the
beautiful all black mind of Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh with a blend that is
reminiscent of their hip-hop / rude-boy days of sporting logos across the chest of
their favourite bands or groups, to an all-over denim prints that is currently making a
come back in style again.
They have created a collection inspired by the craftsmanship and cultures in
Africa mixing with it with their individual worldwide influences. Each of these pieces
are like wearing a piece of art by one of their favourite fine art artist who happens to
be Hassan.
This project is an opportunity for them to create a bridge for the worldwide youth
cultural movement, through their individual travels they have realised that the culture
is pushed by the youths and this is the same everywhere regardless of what part of
the world from Africa, Asia, The Americas to Europe and Australia, They are the real
future of everything.

This collaboration is not just fashion meets art, or colour dancing in harmony with all-black palettes it’s an organic exchange of cultures, ideas, different worlds with appreciative common grounds.