We are delighted to introduce in our collection the first Patch of a long series. 

Our first Patch is dedicated to Hassan Hajjaj brand "Andy Wahloo". established in 1423/2000.

Our high-quality patches are perfect to cover up a hole or a stain in your garment or just to embellish your bag.  Whatever your need or your inspiration, simply stitch it on and enjoy...  

Our clothing/accessories brand launched in 2003 named Andy Wahloo (Hassan Hajjaj designed a bar-restaurant of the same name in Paris in 2003.) Hajjaj reveals that the name was a fun pun that came up one evening in a gathering with Rachid Taha (renowned Algerian singer, Ya Rayah) and Mourad Mazouz (he of the popular UAE eatery, Almaz by Momo) amongst others. “I had just been called the “Andy Warhol of Marrakesh,” and Rachid Taha, so good with words, joked “Andy Wahloo,” which translates to ‘I have nothing’ in darija.”